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The Importance of being Private…..

In a world full of information sharing, ensuring personal data privacy is an important topic in any organisation’s strategic agenda.  Understanding the implications of GDPR is not just important, but business critical.  When I initially investigated the impact of GDPR on the recruitment industry, it appeared to have been, for the most part, overlooked… not unsurprising, I suppose, when we have had the spectre of the ill-thought out HMRC IR35 legislation to digest and deal with over the past 18 months!

We, in the recruitment industry, handle huge amounts of personal data, so Lesley Hayes, Head of Compliance for Church International Limited, decided to investigate what GDPR means, not only to us but how it would impact on our business and our transactions with our broad range of cross-sector Clients.   On the plus side, there seemed to be a lot of information in the market to base her research on. Unfortunately, she soon found out that there was also a lot of misinformation being circulated too.

As a result, we created a GDPR information sharing centre and have organised a number of Round Table events in London next month to bring together the security leaders of major organisations and two Info Security and Data Protection experts. These forums will enable both us and our Clients to discuss the challenges involved in designing and implementing a practical and robust Data Protection Strategy to meet the demands of GDPR.

I look forward to being part of these Round Table discussions alongside the CISOs from leading international insurance, financial, media and technology companies. We all recognise the important part our organisations play, both individually and collectively, in safeguarding the personal data protection chain so it’s good to work in collaboration to ensure we develop the right strategies based on expert knowledge rather than urban myth.

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”  The Importance of Being Earnest – Oscar Wilde.

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