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“As the newest member of the Church International Ltd team, I joined the company whilst the UK was in lockdown. I anxiously worked through my notice period with my previous employer, quietly worrying that my new role would now be surplus to requirements as a result of the uncertainty about just how significantly the COVID 19 pandemic would affect the recruitment needs in the IT sector. Fortunately for me I needn’t have worried. My fears were instantly allayed on my first day by our MD, Brian Fitzgerald. He made clear that the company had made a commitment to me and that they would honour the offer of employment that they had made me, before the start of the pandemic. This immediately confirmed all the positive things I had learned about the company when conducting research prior to my interview, most notably from the positive reviews they have received on Glassdoor. It also reinforced to me that this is a company that genuinely conducts its business based on its three core values: Commitment, integrity, and teamwork.

Part of my role is to work closely with some of our Consultants that are in the early stages of their recruitment careers and to help give them the tools and knowledge so they always provide a great service to our clients and candidates.

In the short time I’ve been with the company we’ve already rolled out a detailed strategy that we believe will not only help them navigate the challenging times ahead, but also thrive. Our efforts in this regard have already been rewarded with some success. Luke Barnett, our newest Consultant, also joined the team at a time when the vast majority of the country was making a transition to working from home – a challenging change of circumstance for everyone, but especially for those starting a new job, in a brand new industry. Fast forward to today – in just 3 months and thanks to the collective efforts of our close-knit team, Luke has just made his first placement in one the most challenging situations and with no prior recruitment experience.

We are proud of Luke and proud of our team for the hard-word and dedication they’ve shown during these difficult times. We are also proud that we are still able to provide exciting opportunities for our candidates and great candidates for our clients. We are prouder still that we are able to create opportunities to join our growing team.

As a company, we have striven to replicate the dynamic agile working environment employed by our clients and we have divided our business into Chapters – Operations & Engineering, Data, Business Change, Information Security & Risk, Service, Design Development & Test. By giving our consultants ownership of specific product areas we have provided them with autonomy to become trusted experts in their niche’s, allowing them to focus their efforts on key areas and giving them the best opportunity to successfully deliver for our clients and candidates. As an industry leader within these Chapters, we have built relationships with a wide range of multi-national companies and SME’s across the world (500 organisations, in 12 countries and across 4 continents, to be precise). We are now seeking highly-committed, ambitious, and tenacious individuals with IT recruitment industry experience. We have ambitious plans to extend our service offering and develop Chapters that specialise in Cyber security, UX/UI, Web design & development, AI and Blockchain so we are especially keen to hear from those with experience in these areas. Get in touch with us for an informal conversation about how we can offer you a supportive, lucrative, and personally rewarding career.”


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