Over the last 5 years, we have seen DevOps transition from a general methodology and cultural thing to now very focussed roles with specific skills and requirements. Job titles seem to be changing and meaning different things to different clients from Platform Engineers to Site Reliability Engineers.

I remember when I worked my first few DevOps role a question I always used to ask my client was “Are you looking for a Systems Administrator/Infrastructure Engineer with some coding/scripting skills or a Software Engineer/Developer with knowledge of infrastructure?” – Some used to smile because in all honesty, they weren’t quite sure – it was new and that line of demarcation has become even more blurred!

So, what does make a “good” DevOps Engineer – or should the question be “What do I need from my DevOps Engineer” – is it automation skills or the building of CI/CD pipelines?

Then, of course, is the advent of cloud operations and the shift from hypervisor experience to that of containerisation. Docker used to be the forerunner in container management space but it seems Kubernetes is now superseding this and is rapidly becoming the orchestrator of choice. AWS, Azure, and GCP are the main cloud vendors but is there a preference? – again this is down to the individual client and sometimes driven by the sector they are in.

With over 20 years of IT recruitment experience, I am constantly fascinated by the ever-changing world of technology and would love to hear your thoughts? on this too.

By Phillip Jennings, Head of Delivery and Reporting

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