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Church International Celebrates Black History Month!

26th October 2020 Church News.

To celebrate Black History Month we wanted to do our bit to shine a light on just a few of the fantastic organisations that are working tirelessly to help create a better, more dynamic and more inclusive working environment for businesses and create more opportunities for those from underrepresented minorities.

According to recent research conducted by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, there were just 268,000 black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) IT specialists in the UK in 2019. This accounts for just 18% of the UK IT workforce and this number has only increased by 2% since 2015. Perhaps even more disappointingly only 9% of BAME IT specialists were director level. But, 85% of BAME IT professionals held a degree or higher education level qualifications, whereas only 66% of IT specialists from white ethnic groups held a qualification of this level. Clearly, there is much work to be done. So that is why we want to take this opportunity to promote some of the organisations that are working hard to make our industry more equitable, diverse and accessible for all:

Xuntos (
A community for recent graduates and university students from under-represented groups in tech.

Colorintech (
A non-profit organisation which aims to increase the number of ethnic minorities entering the UK’s tech workforce.

OneTech (
Supports underrepresented founders in London with everything from startup weekends to mentoring and free workspace.

Hustle Crew (
A social enterprise working to promote inclusivity in the tech sector, through talks, training and mentorship.

Witty Careers (
Hosts events at tech companies (such as Uber and Microsoft) for black and ethnic minority women, offering career support through mentorship and resources.

UKBlackTech (
An independent organisation aiming to increase the number of people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds working in tech and founding tech businesses.

Coders of Colour (
Inspiring underrepresented teens of colour pursue careers in tech, through events and workshops.

Afrotech Fest (
A tech festival by and for black people of African and Caribbean heritage, held annually.

As an IT specialist recruitment agency, we recognise that we are perfectly placed to help anyone find a role with their ideal employer. Our network of clients and contacts spans all corners of the UK and Europe and we are actively recruiting for a wide range of roles across all disciplines within the Tech sector.

We engage with our clients as equals, not just service providers, to leverage strength in partnership. We listen to them and adapt our approach to suit them. We put solutions in place that work. But, most importantly, we become a trusted partner and an extension of their business.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your business reap the rewards of creating a more diverse workforce, give Simon Flynn, Head of Talent and Development a call on 01622 620703 or e-mail