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With a myriad of advice out there on ‘How to write the perfect CV’ ‘What to include/What not to include on your CV’ along with countless Interview Tips and ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ here are our Top 5 CV writing and interview tips.

Top 5 CV writing tips:

1. Always tailor your CV according to the role.

2. Your CV should not run into pages and pages, it should be concise and be to the point, highlighting key facts and only the most important and relevant details.

3. Always highlight achievements, don’t just list responsibilities, employers need to understand what you’ve accomplished in your career so far.

4. Honesty is the best policy, always tell the truth about your skills and experience, most companies will check the facts you’ve stated such as qualifications and previous employment history.

5. Attention to detail is crucial, CVs with mistakes that can be easily avoided give prospective employers the impression that you lack written skills or, worse still, don’t care about the job you are applying for.

Top 5 interview tips:

1. Be punctual or better still 10-15 minutes early, sounds obvious but plan your route and always allow time for higher than usual traffic or public transport delays.

2. Do your research – as a minimum read their website, better still; research the company and how your role fits in.

3. Review your CV again before the interview and be prepared to talk about any aspect of it and emphasise experience which will benefit your prospective employer.

4. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Don’t be afraid to ask what you want to know about the role and be confident in asking questions.

5. Be yourself and relax, remember that the interview is a two way process and the more confident you are, the better you’ll get your point across.

We understand that each of our candidates are individuals and our consultants’ expert knowledge, experience and skills can help you prepare your CV and offer interview guidance tailored to presenting your skills and competencies effectively to the job you want and the company you want to work for, be it Permanent or Contract.

Whichever you choose, we offer the highest level of service to get you where you want to be.

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