In these unprecedented times, with uncertainty rife amongst businesses as to what the future holds, it falls to recruiters like us to do what we can to help our candidates and clients in any way possible. This is why it’s crucial that we continue to build strong relationships, even at a time when our services aren’t required. At Church International Ltd our team is always doing just that.


I head up our Design, Development & Test Chapter, focussing specifically on architecture-type positions. That said, however, I have one client who comes to me no matter what they are looking for – it’s a trust thing!  I started working with this client over three years ago, around the same time that I strongly encouraged another client to interview a candidate of mine who had applied to them directly, knowing full well that I wouldn’t receive a fee if the candidate was successful. At first, they were suspicious of my motives, as this is not generally the behaviour they had come to expect from fee-hungry recruiters.  I explained to them that I had built my reputation on building long-term relationships and not merely chasing quick-wins – my 21 years of service with Church International Ltd is evidence of this.  Unfortunately, my candidate didn’t get that job but when he did secure a new position, he said that I was the first person he thought of when he needed to recruit at his new employer. Three plus years later, he is now Head of Global Technology Services and I am his sole recruiter!


I’d like to extend the same integrity-led service to you. Whether you are actively seeking a new post or seeking to fill a vacancy, we are here to help. If you’d like our advice or guidance on a recruitment related subject, we are happy to do what we can.


Email me at or call me on +44 (0) 1622 620710.

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