Data Analysis


With the government finally releasing the track and trace app it got me thinking of how important it is to be able to store, analyse and act upon data. Never more so than with the current pandemic.

With this in mind, I was reminded of a Podcast (“The Data Pubcast” by Nick Latocha and Andy Crossley) that I have been keeping up with on the topic of data. Whilst covering the usual range of data-related subjects, one of the presenters threw a curveball and began talking about Florence Nightingale – not a name I expected to hear. Did you know, because I didn’t, that she was one of the first people to use data and pie charts to help her save lives when she was on the front line of the Crimean war?

Where would we be without this approach today? When you look back there are a number of hurdles that I am sure she must have faced when trying to introduce this idea. The notion of using basic drawings to keep track of mortality rates and tracking this across months and years, must have seemed strange at the time. We are so used to this format being used in everyday life, more so with Covid-19, that it seems surreal that our current situation is being reviewed and analysed using some of the same techniques that Florence Nightingale used in the 1850’s.

In much the same way that her pioneering efforts helped establish that poor sanitary practices were the main culprit of high mortality rates in hospitals, big data will play an integral part in helping to find a cure for Covid-19. Or, at the very least, help us understand how we can seek to contain it, hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Similarly, many organisations are trying to prepare recovery plans based on data analytics. This data can help provide insights into people’s behaviour during the pandemic and what this behaviour can mean for recovery strategies. By understanding the links between analytics and Covid-19, businesses can make informed decisions that will drastically help them adapt and overcome the challenges they face

Whilst those working in the NHS and associated industries, rightly, get the credit they deserve for the incredibly important work they do, lets also take a moment to appreciate the herculean efforts of those working in data analytics industry. Like Florence before them, the massive contribution they make might not be instantly recognised but, in the fulness of time it will become apparent they were the unseen superheroes in this challenging period of our history.

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