(WAF) Web Application Firewall Engineer (F5-ASM)

  • Category: Other
  • Location: Brussels
  • Region: International
  • Salary: €Market Rates
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  • Ref: VA28435
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Last updated 2 weeks ago

We are seeking a contractor with deep knowledge of F5 Application Security Manager (ASM) and Local Traffic Manager (LTM) versions 10.2.4 and 11.x to perform the following:
• Plan, test, and upgrade development and production systems from 10.2.4 to 11.x. This will include
o An in-depth review of LTM and ASM configurations and policies to identify deprecated functionality, iRule commands, outdated cipher lists, etc.
o Identifying the best version of 11.x for us to migrate to
o Implementing all required changes in order to smoothly upgrade from 10.2.4 to 11.x on existing hardware
o Developing timelines for upgrades and a formal back-out plan
o Implementing the upgrades during off-hours
o Backing out changes if problems encountered during upgrade
o Resolving any problems encountered during upgrade
o Assisting us with upgrading the hardware
• Perform an in-depth review of LTM and ASM configurations (primarily ASM) and policies to identify opportunities to improve responsiveness, reduce false positives, fix problems and misconfigurations, and implement new functionality.
• Work with us to prioritize and schedule recommended changes
• Implement recommended changes
• Educate our engineers (who have significant ASM experience) on new functionality in 11.x and ways we can improve our processes and F5 implementations

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