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I got to thinking over the weekend after watching one of my all-time favourite films (The Matrix) that how much data and Artificial intelligence is in films nowadays. Not just the special affects that are on the big blockbusters such as green screen and motion capture to bring characters like Golem (the lord of the rings and The Hobbit trilogies) and Caesar (The Planet of the Apes series) to life, but the idea of Artificial intelligence and the future of the human species.

With this thought in mind, I decided to delve into more details much to my surprise it turns out that the original Matrix is now over two decades old and there is talks of a fourth in the series being released April 2021. Also was great to find out that the original 3 storylines were set two hundred years ahead in 2199, made me wonder how advanced our current technology is and how has Data and AI become ever more present in today’s businesses. Can you see yourself in what seems like a fantasy world of the Digital recreation of yourselves? Would we be “Jacking in” to go to our 9-5 worlds?

For me, I can certainly see a more recent scenario just as the scenes in “the Minority Report “ would suggest using retinal scanners and facial recognition to show you an advert tailored specifically to yourself on what Data has been collected pointing you in the direction of the things you are thinking of most.

How we now use data to do this with algorithms prompting popups and quick ads on our news feeds is surely not to far from this idea.

What Data and AI in films can you see becoming a reality and where do we have to draw the line so “Sky-net” doesn’t take over the world and us having to call on a Cyborg assassin to help protect our future leaders?

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