It’s common knowledge that Artificial Intelligence technology is rapidly becoming an increasing part of our everyday lives – whether we like it or not. The effective use of gathering data and then personalising this to market or advertise to us individually is both highly effective and slightly unnerving. With the development of new technologies to automate everything from self-driving cars to drones for deliveries or burger-flipping robots, I can’t help but wonder if the entire recruitment process might ever be entirely outsourced to robots and algorithms or is the personal/human touch that we, as recruiters provide, something that can never be removed from the equation. 

Recruitment, for me, is all about the personal approach for both candidates and clients. As a candidate, for example, it’s critical for me to understand not just what your skills are but also what values define you and this helps me match you to the right company as much as the right role. We are all different and our demands can change throughout our lives – big milestones such as buying a house or getting married (house bought and the wedding is booked, for me) to having your first child and creating a family. Whilst these are some of the biggest factors, what about the smaller considerations, such as hobbies or commitments. For instance, if, your new job needs to work around your 5aside football match every Tuesday, the voluntary work you do that’s as important to you as your career or perhaps you need to start/finish at a certain time to drop off/pick up the kids. For me work revolves around all of this and as we become more agile and flexible companies are embracing this and seeing the rewards. When I engage with a candidatethis information is just as important as knowing if your experience matches my client’s requirements 

With ever-impressive advances in technology, I’ve no doubt that there already exists a programme that can review a job spec and accurately match a potentially suitable candidates CV using nothing more than an algorithm and I’ve no doubt it can do it quicker than I canBut as I’ve already said we are now working in more flexible and more agile ways than ever before and as such the human element comes into play more and more. As recruiters, we are fortunate that we get to work with tech and not just alongside it. Whilst there are many professions that could (and probably will eventually) be outsourced to artificial intelligence, I feel confident that recruitment won’t be one of them.  

That said, as the Product Owner for the Data and Analytics Chapter at Church International, I find myself at the intersection of technology and people. I am fascinated by the technology my clients are creating and I love to learn about how the future of AI is continuing to shape the way we live our lives. I am currently working with a number of leading data companies who are actively seeking to appoint Big Data Engineerfor their current live vacancies. 

To speak to me (a human, not a robot!) about how I can help you find your next challenge, contact me on 01622 620 713. 

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